Monthly Retainer Program


We often plunge into relationships, driven by chemistry and desire. Then one day (sometimes years later) we wake up to find out that we are simply going through the motions, vaguely (or extremely) dissatisfied. On some level we know that something more is possible.


ARE YOU SMART, SUCCESSFUL AND INTUITIVE and yet you find yourself neglecting your own needs while taking care of everyone else? Do you sometimes feel unappreciated and lonely in your relationship? Do you feel a growing disconnect from your partner and the sense that the two of you are drifting apart? Are you frustrated yet unable to express fully how you feel? Do you judge yourself for what you feel, or for how you react?  Do you want to communicate in ways that create trust, connection, intimacy and respect, but you don't know how? 



  • Stop feeling unimportant and lonely in your relationship
  • Learn how to turn frustration into connection
  • Express freely, without jeopardizing your relationship
  • Relax into love
  • Find the gifts in the tough times
  • Create loving connection in all your relationships
  • Enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions

I work with successful men and women who feel unheard and unimportant in their relationships. I help them feel heard, understood and appreciated. 

If you are hungry for soulful connection and lasting romance, yet your situation seems overwhelmingly difficult and painful, you may want to work with me and discover how to get heard, understood and appreciated in your relationship.



  • Feel heard, understood and appreciated in all your relationships
  • Say goodbye to the inner critic
  • End misunderstandings and resolve conflict without unnecessary drama and stress
  • Save your relationship from falling apart and restore the connection
  • Relax into feeling loved and appreciated for who you are
  • Slip past self-consciousness into authentic self-expression and feel good about yourself
  • Remember that you matter



  • Three 50-minute private Getting Heard Coaching Sessions
  • One 15-minute I Feel Invisible Now Phone Session to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when things happen between coaching sessions
  • Love Line email support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions, now
  • Coach Preparation and Review Hours. I spend about 1 hour in planning our coaching sessions, reviewing your work, and monitoring your progress to ensure you get the most out of your coaching experience

BONUS #1: The Getting Heard Magic Formula to change the dynamic of your interactions in 3 steps.

BONUS #2:  The powerful Increase Your Love Vibration meditation which uses sound current to heal your emotional body and invoke self-love


INVESTMENT: $837/month billed monthly until you say you want to stop. To create lasting results and integrate changes, a minimum of 3 months is recommended. 


Creating a magnificent relationship takes time and dedication. Once you have it, it will light up every other part of your life. It's your turn to feel loved, happy and fulfilled.

YOU MATTER - monthly retainer program
from 835.00

Stop feeling unimportant and lonely in your relationship. Learn how to turn frustration into connection. Express freely, without jeopardizing your relationship. Relax into love. Find the gifts in the tough times. Create loving connection in all your relationships. Enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions.

monthly retainer:
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