What It Takes to create the Relationship You Deeply Desire

3-month live interactive online course


Your current relationship has lost its spark. You love each other, but it seems like something is missing. You don’t know what it is, but you feel unhappy and kind of stuck. You are not sure how to fix it or where to even begin.

Or perhaps you are single and tired of dating the wrong people.

This course provides access to a reliable system that can help you select the right partner for you, or re-ignite the flame in your existing relationship, so you never have to deal with heartbreak or boredom again.



Identify how you attract others and connect with them. You will gain a profound knowledge of yourself, clarify what’s important for you in your relationship, and how you tend to get it.

Detect if the person you are interested in, is the best energetic and romantic match for you before you invest your time and your heart in the relationship (I’ve struggled with this one for years).

If you are single, make more informed decisions in the process of selecting a partner, so you can save yourself unnecessary heartbreak.

Consciously build (or boost) the areas of connection you would like to activate in your current relationship (e.g. enhanced heart connection).

Deepen the quality of your relationship and enjoy increased intimacy with those you love.




  • Six live online 60-90-minute Group Trainings in which I will share the different ways of relating through the energetic centers in your body and how you can use this knowledge to choose the most appropriate romantic partner, design or re-design your relationship or let go quickly when necessary


  • Six live online 60-90-minute interactive video Group Q & A sessions, in which I will answer your specific questions


  • Recording of each training, so you can listen to it again and again


  • Transcription of each training for an easy and convenient reference


  • Access to a private Facebook Group, in which you can connect with fellow participants and stay in touch even after the course is competed


  • A beautiful downloadable image of each energy center, which you will receive at the end of every group training


  • Ancient South Indian meditations, which I learned from my incredibly wise guru when I lived in India. They are meant specifically for the activation (and maintenance) of each energy center


  • Special affirmations, to assist you in purifying the energy in each one of your chakras


  • One one-on-one consultation with Gina at the end of the course—to clarify your next steps, based on what you discovered during the 12 weeks


BONUS #1: Simple yet effective practical exercises to help you unblock, clear and fortify each of your chakras.

BONUS #2: Chakra gem essence color wheel, to support you in healing and balancing your chakra system with the help of crystals.

BONUS #3: A powerful tool, which can show you how to heal and clear your blocked energy centers.


The group meets every week via Zoom. 


DATES: August 9, 2017- October 25, 2017 (dates may be change slightly)



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Creating a magnificent relationship takes time and dedication. Once you have it, it will light up every other part of your life. It's your turn to feel loved, happy and fulfilled.