The Art of Connecting: training program


The Art of Connecting: training program


This comprehensive, step-by-step 6-month Art of Connection group program is the first part of a training for coaches who want to learn how to facilitate Circling. It is also suitable for people who are interested in personal development and spiritual growth. This program is designed to radically expand your mind and your capacity to feel and hold emotions. It provides everything you need to move forward towards more complete, happy and fulfilling relationships with yourself and others. 

Experience group dynamics that pull you forward in the direction of your dreams.

As Authentic Relating expert, Gina Brezini will help you break free from conditioning patterns that no longer serve you, and find happiness in connecting with yourself and others.

This program focuses on developing a deeper relationship with your Self. Together we will explore body language, needs, desires and emotions that stem from them. 



In this12-weeks course you will:

•  Create radically loving relationships with yourself and others in your life, relax into feeling worthy and loved.

•  Stand in your power as you strengthen or regain your self-confidence.

•  Shift towards more supportive mindsets as you discover your blind spots and gain clarity.

•  Learn effective communication skills you can use anywhere, with anyone.

•  Express yourself fearlessly, authentically, freely and begin to truly love yourself as you are.

•  Create instant connection when speaking your truth in a way that others “get it”.

•  Improve your ability to stay in connection and experience deeper levels of intimacy.

•  Bring your True Self to everyday life and enjoy a sense of liberation and freedom.

•  Experience the joy of being uniquely YOU.

•  Learn one of the most powerful coaching techniques.


This program includes:

•  One kick-off Deep Dive weekend. 2 full days of Authentic Relating practices for fast re-programming.

•  Four 3-hour circling group practice exploring different aspects of the process.

•  Two 3-hour theory and teachings to deepen your practice and accelerate your success.

•  One full day at the end of the program, to complete and integrate what you have learned.

BONUS #1: Three 55 min individual one-on-one sessions with Gina or Noah, providing the personal attention that you need and deserve.

BONUS #2: Three videos for you to keep