Master Your Emotions: weekend training


Master Your Emotions: weekend training

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The pressure for looking happy forces us to build inner containers, in which we store sorrow, pain, anger, fear, shame, resistance and judgments. We stuff them in these containers, hoping that nobody will see them. We slip on a smile and the mask of happiness, and we walk around feeling heavy, exhausted and tired of caring around all this weight (a.k.a. emotional baggage). It takes a lot of energy to hide it inside.  

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 In this workshop you’ll practice being present to all your feelings AND expressing them in ways that are healthy for you and those around you

  • You will learn to expand your ability to be WITH yourself and others, and to create connection WHILE you feel and express your true emotions.

  •  You will practice being present and loving to yourself and others.

  • You will learn to communicate in ways that honor your emotions AND help others understand and accept you.

  • You might find out that you are OK as you are.

  •  You might drop some of your judgments and perhaps even feel safe.

All are welcome. No experience is necessary.

October 25, 2019 7pm-10pm Introduction

October 26-27, 2019 10am - 7pm       Doors will close at 10am sharp. If you are late, you’ll have to wait until the meditation is over.

Location: Friendship Heights, MD

Facilitator: Gina Brezini