authentic relating games

Are you tired of superficial relationships and small talk?
Do you crave more meaningful and intimate connections?

Then join us for a night of Authentic Relating Games

By 'games' we mean fun, highly interactive partner-exercises that demonstrate and explore authentic relating. In this evening you'll get to connect with ease, cut through the superficial and be truly yourself without apology. Enjoy an exciting social event with sparks of joy and unexpected insights! 

Together we will explore:

·      staying in the Now

·      speaking your truth

·      listening with your heart

·      finding your power

·      deepening your connection to Self and Another

You’ll get to know yourself better while also learn to see and appreciate even more deeply everyone with whom you connect. If you want more fun, richer relationships, and heartfelt experiences, this night is for you!

ALL are welcome.
Bring a friend, bring your partner, or come solo! 

These are NOT singles/dating events.
They are sometimes loud, sometimes quiet, sometimes risky or intense, and always REVEALING and FUN. 

contact and questions:

301 347 6847