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Perhaps you feel frustrated for still being single and without romance in your life. Perhaps you see less attractive people having caring and attentive partners, and you are wondering what their secret is. Perhaps you are tired of going out with people you are not interested in, while those you do like seem to disappear without a trace. Perhaps you judge yourself and wonder what you are doing wrong.

What if I told you that there is another way?

What if it’s possible to attract the love you desire? What if you can create an amazing connection and stop feeling isolated, misunderstood and alone? What if you can create a magnificent relationship that lasts a lifetime?


ARE YOU SMART, SUCCESSFUL AND SPIRITUAL and yet you don't have a loving relationship in your life? Do you feel a growing discontent with your love life? Do you find it difficult to attract the right person? Do you sometimes feel unappreciated and lonely? Do you crave mutual love, bonding connection and delicious intimacy, but you don't always know how to go about it? 

I've got GREAT news for you—you are SO in the right place right now! 

I work with people exhausted by relationships that aren’t working and leave them feeling flawed, unimportant and lonely. I help them create a soulful connection with a partner of their choice and feel loved, heard and appreciated.

For example, Anita (not her real name) is an attractive strong woman with a big and loving heart. When I met her she was unaware of how she's misplacing her power. As the men she attracted were quickly becoming distant and unavailable, she was feeling increasingly anxious and upset. She noticed that her relationships were turning into power struggles and she wanted change. When she voiced her frustrations, men withdrew, seeing her as demanding and unpleasant to be around. She felt puzzled and helpless—not knowing how to reverse this dynamic.

So she turned to me.

Once in my Creating Attraction Program, she began to see how her habitual expression was unconsciously pushing men away—creating the very separation she was struggling to avoid. She began practicing the tools I teach. This allowed her to change the way in which she was expressing. Men began to listen and hear what she had to say. Her new way of being and communicating what's true for her created a space in which men felt safe to open up and get close to her. 



  • Stop feeling unimportant and lonely
  • Attract the right man and inspire him to commit to you
  • Enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions
  • Express freely while creating a soulful connection
  • Relax into love
  • Create loving connection in all your relationships

It is YOUR turn to have a magnificent relationship with a partner you love, admire and enjoy! This time you don't have to settle for just any relationship. I can help you to create your love life as you envision itmatching your biggest dreams and fitting your highest standards.



  • Three 50-minute private Create Soulful Connection Coaching Sessions
  • One 15-minute I Need a Pep Talk Phone Session to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when things happen between coaching sessions each month
  • Love Line email support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions now
  • Coach Preparation and Review Hours. I spend about 1 hour per month in planning our coaching sessions, reviewing your work, and monitoring your progress to ensure you get the most out of your coaching experience


BONUS #1: The Create Connection Magic Formula, which can change the dynamic of your interactions in 3 clear steps

BONUS #2:  The powerful Increase Your Love Vibration meditation, which uses sound current to heal your emotional body and promote self-love

INVESTMENT: $837/month billed monthly until you say you want to stop. To create lasting results and integrate changes, a minimum of 3 months is recommended. 


Creating a magnificent relationship takes time and dedication. Once you have it, it will light up every other part of your life. It's YOUR turn to feel loved, happy and fulfilled.

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