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Perhaps you are frustrated by still being single and without love in your life. Perhaps you are tired of going home at the end of the day and feeling alone. Perhaps you see less attractive women enjoying the attention of a caring partner and wonder what their secret is. Perhaps you are tired of dating people you don't have chemistry with, while those you do like seem to disappear without a trace. Perhaps you judge yourself and wonder what you are doing wrong.

What if there is another way? 

What if it’s possible to create a magnificent relationship that lasts a lifetime?  What if you can attract the love you want?  What if you can stop feeling isolated, misunderstood and alone? What if you can create amazing connection and truly fulfilling love life? 



ARE YOU A CONSCIOUS, ACCOMPLISHED AND INTELLIGENT woman and yet you don't have the passionate relationship you want in your life? Do you sometimes feel unappreciated and lonely? Do you find it difficult to attract, or keep, the right man? Do you crave mutual love, bonding connection and delicious intimacy, but you don't always know how to go about it? 

I've got GREAT news for you—you are SO in the right place right now! 

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I work with women exhausted by relationships that aren’t working and leave them feeling flawed, unimportant and lonely. I help them create a soulful connection with a partner of their choice and feel loved, heard and appreciated.

For example, I recently worked with a woman who was putting so much energy toward the man she was dating that it was making her feel angry and resentful. She’s called, texted and thought about him too much. She was sending energy his way that he wasn't returning.

As we worked together, she realized that she was upset because she’s been doing too much. She has forgotten about herself while she’s been focused on him. She began to see how she was neglecting herself. Her life has gotten smaller. Work was no longer inspiring. She wasn’t having so much fun with girlfriends or hanging out by herself and doing things she normally loved.

With my guidance, she began making small changes and got a huge result almost instantly. As she slowly stopped putting energy out, and put her energy onto herself instead, she began to feel stronger, more confident and more powerful. Soon she got his interest back.



  • Stop feeling unimportant and lonely
  • Attract the right man and inspire him to commit to you
  • Enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions
  • Express freely while creating attraction
  • Relax into love
  • Create loving connection in all your relationships
  • Feel heard, understood and appreciated in all your relationships

If you struggle with dead-end relationships, or no relationship at all, and feel hungry for partnership and romance, this program is for you. If you feel tired of being lonely and frustrated, and are just about ready to give up hope because your situation seems overwhelmingly difficult and painful, I invite you to work with me and discover how to attract genuine love, create soulful connection and have a loving, committed relationship with a man of your choice.



  • Say goodbye to your inner critic
  • Become irresistible as you find power in your authentic expression
  • Slip past self-consciousness and feel good about yourself
  • Create instant connection when speaking your truth in a way that the other person “gets it” 
  • Feel heard, understood and appreciated in all your relationships
  • Improve your ability to stay in connection even when you or your partner feel negative emotions
  • Bring your True Self to everyday life & relax into feeling loved and appreciated for who you are
  • Use conscious communication to create a life in which spiritual expansion is at the heart of your relationship
  • Remember that you matter

It is YOUR turn to have a magnificent relationship with a partner you love, admire and enjoy! This time you don't have to settle for just any relationship. I can help you to create your love life as you envision itmatching your biggest dreams and fitting your highest standards.



  • Three 50-minute private Create Soulful Connection coaching sessions per month
  • Two 15-minute I Need a Pep Talk Now phone sessions per month, to give you extra support when you feel stuck or when things happen between coaching sessions
  • Love Line email support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions now
  • Coach Preparation and Review Hours. I spend about 1 hour per month in planning our coaching sessions, reviewing your work, and monitoring your progress to ensure you get the most out of your coaching experience.
  •  Free access to all Get Heard and Understood circling group sessions, for the duration of your program, in which you will receive feedback, gain new perspectives, discover blind spots and learn effective communication skills that will serve you in your everyday life
  •  Inclusion in the private community Facebook group, where you’ll connect with mindful, conscious and aware people who can offer valuable support and become lifelong friends  

BONUS #1: VIP pricing for the 2 ½-day YOU MATTER Circling Immersion workshop in which we dive deep and co-create profound transformation that will help you create amazing connection

BONUS #2: The powerful Increase Your Love Vibration meditation, which uses sound current to heal your emotional body and promote self-love



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Creating a magnificent relationship takes time and dedication. Once you have it, it will light up every other part of your life. It's YOUR turn to feel loved, happy and fulfilled.  

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