circling nights


Are you hungry for real contact? Do you want to experience yourself as more real, and feel more alive? 

Join us for an evening of conscious communication, self-inquiry, and authentic relating!

These events are for you if you want to: 

  • improve your ability to communicate authentically
  • enjoy more meaningful and intimate connections in your life
  • learn the fundamentals of authentic relating and conscious communication
  • discover the benefits of being present
  • expand in consciousness and become more aware

Connect with like-minded people and enjoy experiences that reveal deeper truths about you and others.


Circling Nights with Gina Brezini is a by-weekly event.

bethesdA, MD


3:45pm - 7pm          doors close at 4pm to create safe space for the participants

you will receive the exact address after you sign up


contact and questions:

301 656 0953