CREATING CONNECTION circling immersion weekend

for facilitators, coaches and anyone who wants meaningful and fulfilling relationships


WHEN: Sept. 30-Oct. 1, 2017  in Washington DC   Saturday & Sunday 9am-9pm

WHERE:  You’ll receive the exact address when you sign up.


If you are ready to learn how to facilitate circling or simply want to invite change, create deeper connection and enjoy more fulfilling relationships in your life, this immersion weekend is for you.

Guy Sengstock, one of the founders of circling, will be joining us for this weekend intensive in D.C. If you want to develop the essential skills of circling and improve your relationships, you will benefit tremendously from this weekend.

Weekend intensives usually create noticeable transformation and can assist in releasing some of the most stubborn patterns we habitually hold onto. 

If you are a coach, a therapist or a practitioner and want to expand your influence and reach more people with your gifts, this weekend is the next right step in that direction. 



  • Create aliveness in all your interactions and relationships 
  • Stop fear from directing your life and experience the vitality that comes from being real
  • Expand your capacity to attract true love and create a relationship that thrives — emotionally, intellectually, sexually, and spiritually
  • Drop self-sabotaging behaviors and access your authentic power
  • For coaches, therapists, and facilitators: accelerate transformation for both you and your clients
  • Show up as a powerful leader, create a bigger impact in the world, and expand your capacity to inspire, influence and awaken others

during this weekend intensive, YOU WILL GET:

  • valuable tools for relating to people in a whole new way
  • a stronger connection with Self and others
  • useful skills for experiencing others at a soul level
  • deeper awareness of how you connect (or disconnect)
  • clarity about what stands in your way of having more fulfilling relationships and how to change this


Facilitators: Guy Sengstock, founder of circling and Gina Brezinirelationship coach and certified circling facilitator. 


While improving your relational skills, you will also gain more awareness of who you are, what you truly need, what matters to you and why; how you stand in your own way and what you can do differently in order to experience more happiness in your life. 

Join us for this powerful weekend immersion and bring desired changes into your life now!