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Circling Immersion Weekend in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Circling is a life changing practice. Defined as inter-personal group   meditation, it improves businesses, creates love and builds communities around the world. This powerful practice will raise the bar in your life and in your relationships. Through Circling, you will strengthen the cognitive and emotional "muscles" needed to consciously hold and value multiple perspectives. In this workshop you will practice conscious communication and come into your power of being fully present. You will learn to connect deeply with others and stay true to your authentic self while connected. 

Circling Immersions usually lead to breakthroughs experienced in quality therapy, coaching and magical moments in which the entire group shares a new reality.

When:  August 21 -23, 2015
Where: Seminyak, The Dome
Time: Fri: 1pm-7pm 
          Sat & Sun: 10am-7pm
Investment:  Rp.3,200 000 
Kitas holders: Rp. 2,250 000 

To secure a spot, a payment in full or a deposit of Rp.1,500,000 is required
For details & tickets, contact: Sohana: 08-123-607-4711 email:   

Later Event: September 6
Bali Magic Circling Adventure