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Soul Scrubbing Weekend

It is your time to make space for a LIFE DETOX where you can return seeing beyond life’s previous limitations, to a vaster, freer, more open, courageous, confident, and unshakable YOU. 

I co-create Soul-Scrubbing weekends with a diverse group of experts who each bring something different and impacting with every experience. They are world-renowned experts in communication, relationships, life-coaching, wellness and personal transformation. 


Throughout these weekends you’ll be immersed in a confidential and mindfully held space. You'll have the opportunity to interact and grow as a group, deepening your awareness, mastering your communication skills, and sharing an epic experience with people who want to:

- Show up as powerful leaders, create a bigger impact in the world, and expand their capacity to touch, move, inspire, and awaken others.

- Discover blind spots and see how the world is experiencing them as a man, woman, a partner, boss, or friend. 

- Mend wounded hearts, deepen relationships, and enhance intimacy. 

- Attract aliveness and connection in their day-to-day interactions and relationships — from loved ones, colleagues, clients, and strangers.

- Experience the vitality that comes from being authentic instead of feeling awkward or letting fear direct your life.

- For coaches, therapists, and facilitators of all kinds: discover how to create sustainable transformation for both you AND your clients.

FACILITATORS: Guy Sengstock, Gina Brezini, Alita Watson

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