your thoughts, emotions, and body are connected

Your thoughts, emotions, and body are connected, they are a unified holistic system. If one of the three units does not work well, the others are also affected.

You can access your hidden energy and eliminate the emotional pain caused by traumatic experiences like separation, ending a relationship, or having an unfaithful lover.

This might sound like a bold claim, but hear me out. Perhaps you already know that you have an energy body as well as a physical body, right? But what you might not have realized fully yet is that your energy body is a hidden treasure trove of power that you can use to transform virtually every area of your life. It’s particularly useful when it comes to releasing emotional pain, healing from trauma and stepping into the power of who you truly are…


There’s a relatively simple secret to doing this: using energy work. In fact it’s so simple you might be tempted to ignore it. You could easily miss it altogether.

But what I’ve found is that when you get this right, everything just gets easier. 

When you start paying attention to the energy within you, you will notice that things begin to move really fast. 

Everything starts as energy and then manifests into physical form. 

And if you know the details of how that works, how it actually moves through your body, energetically, you will find the specific places that the traumatic experiences in your life might have created a block. Then you can learn how to clear it out…

You will notice changes within you—the way you feel about yourself, the way you love yourself, and the way you are relating to other people…

I get a lot of feedback from the people who work with me. They say: "Friends tell me that I seem brighter, I seem lighter, I seem happier.”

And when you start getting this feedback, you know that you are healing and walking the better path for you…

You deserve a happier, more authentic life, where YOU are in charge of your life. You can have peace of mind and quiet your nervous system.


If separation, infidelity, relational tensions or mere miscommunications has been impacting your relationship, seeking counseling can give you a private, confidential space to discuss problems, find solutions and restore balance and self-esteem. 


A counselor, removed from the immediate situation (and on your side), can help you develop a reaction to a certain issue or solve problems that have been difficult to get through on your own. 

If you need help, consider coming in for a session and see if counseling is the missing piece to your happiness, wellness and restorative process.

Let's begin your healing journey together!