surviving infidelity


Infidelity seemed to be the norm when I was growing up. People in my country married early and had children right away. At 24, unmarried people were pronounced spinsters and “old” bachelors. Both terms carried a myriad of undesirable characteristics and the unpleasant sense of being a loser doomed to be alone. 

The truth is that there were hardly any single people left pass their mid twenties. And this indeed made it very difficult to find a partner at a later age.

Divorce wasn’t an option. It carried heavy stigma of “something is wrong with you if you are divorced”. So most people found another solution for the boredom of routine in married life: cheating. And since everyone else was already married, men and women cheated with each other’s spouses. 

Sucks, right? I agree. But that was the cultural environment of my youth.

By the time I was a teenager, I’ve heard and witnessed hundreds of stories of infidelity. I’ve heard of business deals sealed with sexual favors and university tests granted in exchange of intimate acts. I’d overhear my mother’s girlfriends sharing stories of pain caused by their husbands’ cheating. Most of them dealt with it by finding a lover of their own. Infidelity provided distraction, excitement and the sense of making things just. 

I was at an age in which none of this made sense. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of it all, or the impact it will have on my own life. But I remember the pain in these women’s eyes, and their resolve not to be victims. 

They coped with the pain by sharing their stories with close friends, picking up the remnants of their dignity and returning the insult by doing the same thing that had hurt them. 

Now I know that there was no real healing in this. Just a temporary relief that generated more pain as they unknowingly magnified the scale of an already wide-spread painful pattern. 

This was then. 

Today I believe that everyone can heal. Fully. Just as I did. And as my clients do.

In the last few months I’ve been working hard to create an online course that makes healing from the traumas of infidelity accessible to millions of people. I have created a system, a “map” that can help to navigate from pain to profound healing and inner peace. My approach has a spiritual twist, yet it is practical and firmly grounded in day-to-day reality. 

My intention is to help men and women who have been affected by infidelity recently, or in the past. 

This groundbreaking course is designed to help them heal completely, so they can restore trust, rebuild their confidence and create new relational dynamics—with new or existing partners.

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