authentic relating


I’m not interested in fixing people.

But I love helping them discover, or recover, the pathways that lead them to becoming what they want to be—both as individuals and in relationship.

The experiences in yesterday’s group re-charged me and revived my passion for the work I’m doing.

Because there was an odd number of participants, I had to lead and participate at the same time. That always makes it more challenging for me, but as I got engaged I began to also enjoy it. The energy in the room felt compact and safe, somehow united—despite the challenging topic I have introduced. 

As we went deeper into the process, the men in the room began to reveal deeply insightful things that every woman would like to know. Something in me stood in quiet awe of the sacredness of each moment. After all, it’s not every day that men reveal so openly what’s important for them, what they like about women, what they believe about themselves, intimacy and relationships.

This was a beautiful group of brave men and women who had the courage to look inside and share insights with each other.

Towards the end of the event, one man eagerly shared: “I realize that here I’m saying things that I haven’t shared with any of the women I have been intimate with.  I am going to change this. I wonder what it would be like to actually have conversations like this with someone I care about.”

I feel grateful for all who showed up yesterday and dared to look inside and express so genuinely—thus giving permission to all of us to be more real, more connected, more aware.

I feel honored that they trusted me, and the process. There is something really heart-warming for me to witness men willing to grow, able to put their defenses down and show up as they are—amazing beings having a human experience.