be yourself

You may have heard the saying “Be yourself”.

“But how do I do this?” - you may wonder, just as I did, for years. The invitation sounded vaguely alluring to me. I could sense that it must be beneficial in some way, but I had no idea what it really meant to be me, how to accomplish it, or where to even begin…Today, as a therapist and relationship coach, I know that a good place to begin is to find out what is true for you. What is true about you. And what it is that you need, desire and long for.

Once you know that, you can learn how to express it—so you and those around you feel safe, heard and understood.


This is the focus of The Art of Truth weekend training.

For many of us truth might be buried under layers of other people’s truth, social norms and expectations to accommodate or please others.  It might be difficult to express what we really feel or think—out of fear of disapproval and rejection.

If you’d like to discover what is your truth, so you can learn how to get what you need and want, feel good about yourself, trust yourself more and create more intimate connections with those you love, this weekend is for you.