to master this level...

What’d be like if we were honest with each other all the time? What’d be like if we were willing to be truly seen, heard and known?

This may sound scary to some. It was terrifying to me—for many years.

From a very young age I’ve mastered a variety of ways to hide. Over the years I had become really good at it. I wanted to protect myself, to ensure that others love me, approve of me, and wouldn’t want to hurt me or leave me. I was desperately trying to avoid pain. This often meant monitoring what I say and to whom I say it.

But there came a time in my life, in which this strategy no longer did what I was expecting it to do. Hiding and modifying my truth no longer protected me. And it didn’t feel good. Not being seen and heard became painful. Yet, I did not know how else to protect myself and gain the love and acceptance that I needed…

Fast forward some years of tremendous pain, grief, and the commitment to find new ways... This led me to extensive travels, a change of career and training as a therapist and a life coach. I continued to explore, experience, practice and study numerous healing methods and modalities—all in the hope to free myself from pain.

Then I found a method that really works! It brought me in touch with my own truth and gave me the tools necessary to create real change in my life. I no longer needed to give in to Fear and live by its rules.

In this video I talk about the qualities we need to develop in order to master Level Two of telling the truth. See what resonates with you!

Honoring one’s truth and relating in authentic ways is central to my work. I help people to find, voice and live their truth, so they can have better relationships and live more fulfilling life.

If you want to become more comfortable in overcoming the challenges this level presents, join us at The Art of Truth weekend training. In it we will practice specific communication skills that will help you stop hiding and begin to relate authentically.

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