what does it mean to live in a higher vibration? 

high vibration.jpg

In my current process of growth and evolving I am focused on shifting my emotional states and living from a higher vibration. So I’ll be posting a few blogs on what it means to live in a higher vibration, how to attain it, and most importantly — how to maintain it.

So, how do you know when you live in a higher vibration? Here are just a few signs:

You live with ease. 

Your life is full of goals, dreams, authenticity. 

You have the ability to attract everything you desire. 

Everything is happening quickly. 

You don’t take things personally. 

You observe and allow.

You learn to relax and to let go of control. 

You can shift negative to positive. Quickly.

You liberate yourself from limiting believes. 

You replace the outdated beliefs with new, positive ones.

You feel good about yourself and the world.