death's message

A talented collegue and long-time friend who is very dear to my heart has decided to leave this earth. I feel sad. I feel raw. I feel devastated. I also feel many other emotions.

But one thing that is louder than anything else is my desire to say to all of you, through the tears:

Please don’t wait for permission to love. Please don’t wait till later to share yourself. That later may never come… 

Perhaps that’s how Death is part of Life—not as an end, but as a reminder. A reminder to love NOW, to live NOW, to go out of our way and spend time with those we value and care about. To cherish THIS MOMENT. Because it might be our last… 

To share ourselves fully, fearlessly, feverishly, and without limiting ourselves. To tell those we love that we love them. To get emotionally and physically naked for those who are important to us. 

To dance until our muscles ache and our bones sing. To laugh until our belly hurts and our throat is dry. To remember that we are divine. To remember that we are alive. To remember that we are here to love. And that the time we have, might be as short as a heartbeat. 

Farewell, George. I'll miss you.