after the circling immersion weekend

As many of you know, we just finished another 2 ½-day Circling Immersion. This weekend we had one couple, a few amazing men, and a bunch of extraordinary women. By the end of Sunday, we witnessed visible shifts, the birth of new perspectives, and the possibilities for new ways of being and communicating.


We all experienced deeper understanding of ourselves and each other, and feeling closer to one another. We began as strangers and ended up as close friends. As we discovered so much in common, we stopped feeling isolated and alone in our pain, creating space for hope, comfort and joy, and finding answers.


I feel grateful for the privilege to do this sacred work and to guide people to places of deeper understanding, transformation and love.


To all of you who dedicated this weekend to growing, sharing and learning new relational skills – thank you!


This weekend wouldn’t have been possible without you and your willingness to show up for yourself, so you can enjoy better relationships, have more understanding in your life and see things differently – through lenses more accurate than those of your upbringing, or your current worries and fears…


I bow to your courage, to your strength, to your desire to be the best version of yourself, and to your willingness to create a happier life.

Because the biggest gift we can give to others is to be happy.