Loneliness is part of human experience. Most of us avoid it by filling up time with excessive work, going out, sex, drinking, Facebook, Netflix, doing, eating and other addictions.

In short—we avoid feeling lonely by keeping ourselves busy.

I personally believe that loneliness, like most things that are present in our lives, is here to guide us. Loneliness points to our need to connect—with ourselves, with our loving, with other people, and with the Divine.

I’ve felt lonely when surrounded by hundreds of people.

I’ve felt lonely in a marriage, in relationships, or with lovers who were not fully present for me.

And I’ve also felt lonely when by myself—longing for love, for human touch, for attention, for intimacy, for closeness, for sharing.

Loneliness is the longing for love, the desire to connect—perhaps with ourselves. 

As one of my teachers insists: If you feel like you miss something, it’s probably YOU.