True Power Comes From Presence

                                                                             i mage: David de la Mano

                                                                             image: David de la Mano

True power comes from being present. It comes from being authentic. It comes from feeling all your feelings, experiencing your emotions fully, and expressing authentically—without judging yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you shout at people when you feel angry. It doesn’t mean that you blame others for what happens to you. It doesn’t mean that you keep yourself in a position of a victim, just because you think this makes you right. It doesn’t mean you are entitled to complain and burden everyone around you with what you are unhappy about. It doesn’t mean you indulge in endless self-pity that keeps you powerless.


Let me make it clear:

anything that is not love is unauthentic. Period.


That includes your judgments (especially your judgments!)—of yourself and others. It also includes blaming others and feeling sorry for yourself.


Anything that puts you back into the Loving is what I call Authentic. Love is your Power.


Anything that keeps you in fear, prompts you to act defensively or keeps you stuck in negative emotions, is unauthentic.

Fear, anger, shame, desire to control, blame, judgments (especially judgments!) are just some of the gooey stuff that have layered themselves over the essence of who you are. These are the shields that keep you imprisoned, under the pretext of keeping you safe. You might think that they protect you from getting hurt, but in reality, they hold you back from coming out, and stepping into your power.

What I want for each one of you is to scrub yourself clean and show up as you truly are. I want you to shine as brightly as possible. Now.