The Art of Connection

"Looking into the person's eyes I felt a deep sense of peace and wonder. It was as if the world around us had come to a standstill and only an electric flicker in the space between us moved. As if witnessing portals to unknown worlds, I stared into the person's blue-grey eyes. I felt my own emotions slowly move—forming a clear picture as they shifted over my inner landscape—from awkward, to playful, to joyful, to worshipful... I became more aware of both—what is like to connect, and how I was being in connection… " ~ Noah Diamond

There are many dimensions to Connection. There is a whole Universe to deliciously explore and appreciate when being curios about others, and open to know them. There is so much adventure, joy, richness and beauty to discover, experience and enjoy!

And yet, our conversations with people often follow familiar and even boring routes. These conversations, while totally acceptable, usually lack the juice, aliveness and connectivity that many of us crave in our intimate relationships—with family, friends, and especially with romantic partners. 

This evening is about exploring what else is possible, and becoming open to new perspectives on relationships that will actually make a difference with the relationships you are in.

Perhaps this evening will open you up to new perspectives on relationships: perspectives that turn both familiar and new connections into ways to feel nourished and lit up, find relief, or feel excited and alive. Perspectives that provide inspiration to share and express what’s true for you; perspectives in which interactions become an adventure, a discovery, and unexpected fun when you begin to truly understand another human being and feel understood by them. 

Perspectives that show you how to outgrow old patterns, experience freedom, and enter the unpredictable and amazing new realms of mindful connection, leading to more than what you can currently imagine!

If this interests you, come play with us! Enjoy an evening in which we’ll introduce playful tools for getting out of the rut of “that’s-simply-how-things-are”, and begin to re-create your relationship in a new, more exciting and desirable way...

The evening will include:

1. An introduction of your hosts: Gina Brezini and Noah Diamond.
2. Brief conversation and practicing some elements of connection in fun, eye-opening, experiential ways.
3. A chance to discover what keeps you from connecting as deeply as you might desire.
4. An opportunity to hear about, and perhaps register for a powerful three-month program in which you will deepen your connections with yourself and others and begin to incorporate into your everyday life everything you learn.

What if you can have a say in how your relationship happens? What if you can utilize your power, authenticity and listening in order to design your most important relationship according to your heart-felt dreams? What if it’s possible to re-ignite the spark that attracted you and made you choose each other? 

And what if we can show you how? 

With much love and with your happiness in mind,
Gina & Noah