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The tantric symbol of the Sacred Feminine.

The tantric symbol of the Sacred Feminine.

I teach people to love. I help people to remember that they are love. I help my clients to reconnect with their heart and soul, and to find their true answers. It saddens me to see my country choosing to be led by a man with outdated values and so little love in his heart.

But I trust that something good will come out of it. Perhaps the blessing is that love will be needed and valued even more. Perhaps more people will hear the call to find their mission and act in alignment with it. 

If I remember correctly it was Dalai Lama who said that “the western woman will save the world”. When I first read these words, I thought it might be a specific western woman – a skilled leader, a wise teacher or a healing master of some sort.

Now I know that it’s the collective consciousness of women, the archetype of The Western Woman that could change the world. 

She is free, outspoken, independent. Well-educated. Capable. Self-reliant. Deeply aware. Conscious. Spiritual (in touch with her own spirit). Wild. Rebellious. Brave. She requires presence, attention and recognition. She is gentle and kind, yet she commands respect. She is compassionate yet strong. Firmly grounded in her loving.

She is radiant and joyful, but she values her rage, too. She has a spark in her eyes and honors all her feelings. She soothes your soul with her very presence but spots your bullshit and calls you relentlessly on it.

She is conscious of her deepest needs. She takes care of herself. She is sexy. She is strong. She values her pleasure. She is physically fit. Healthy. Energetic. Centered in her values. Knowing. Intuitive. Worthy. Honoring her connection with Mother Earth. Respectful of nature. Consciously aligned with the Universe. 

The Western Woman—bound to embody and restore the feminine power of a forgotten Goddess pushed into the shadows, forced for centuries to hide her power, stay silent and feel ashamed of her emotions…

Trump’s election let her lose. She is out, people – unleashed, loud, fed-up with being diminished, devalued and unheard. Now She is chanting loudly on the streets: “my body, my choice”… and “our lives matter”…

She is standing up for our rights of free speech, free expression, free choices, and the right to be her most valued, respected, powerful, authentic, feminine Self. She calls us to build a whole new system, a whole new paradigm, a whole new way of being.

The Western Woman will save the world. And it ain’t Hillary. It is the Conscious Woman who knows that her true power is in her heart. It is the Collective Consciousness of the Feminine standing in the power of Her Light.  

We have work to do, people! We have a whole new world to build and to love. We have a whole new way to rise our voices in order to be heard, honored and valued as important.

Women are important—life begins with us. Our bodies are the temple in which Love becomes Life.