the key to happiness

When I invite you to participate in my events, I also ask you to support a cause I care about—more loving interactions between people. When you choose to participate, you contribute to this cause. 

By participating you are not just learning new ways of being with yourself and others. You are also contributing to the creating of a better world. You are evolving in consciousness. You participate in the process of preserving human intimacy and expanding personal interactions based on love.  

Don’t come because you think you are flawed and need fixing. Come because you care! Come because you want to contribute to the creating of a world in which more people understand and care about each other and communicate in more authentic, loving ways.

Your participation matters. YOU matter! The person you interact with matters. The human connection you engage in matters. All your relationships matter. Whether you like it or not, you have impact on every person you interact with—at work, on the street, at home, or at a party. What kind of impact do you choose to have? 

By joining us this weekend, you will gain new perspective on things in your life. You will begin to see more options to choose from.  You can continue to influence others by connecting with them from a deep authentic place known also as your Soul. 

Join us on November 4-6 and begin to create soulful connections with people around you. THIS, my dears, is the key to happiness. Because as you bring your Soul into all your interactions, you also begin to feel good about yourself. You become whole. And whole is happy.

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