Speaking your truth is a habit


Speaking what’s true for you is a habit.

As children, or as young adults we learned that to say the truth can be damaging or dangerous. We learned to withhold the truth, keep it in, sugarcoat it, say white lies or bluntly lie to protect others, or to shield ourselves from others’ anger…

Sharing your truth while staying connected to your heart’s truest desires is the focus of my work, and the key to the way I teach authentic relating. When working with me you will learn (and practice) how to express in order to create connection and support closeness. I will help you to unlearn outdated habits and to discover that to say what’s true in each moment is preferable to withdrawal and disconnect.

I will help you to navigate the depths of your shadow and shine Light on what needs to be transformed. You will know when you are coming from the mind at the expense of your heart. You will know what to do when communication is infected by power or control dynamics. 

Attending to reality in a discerning, present and masterful way is a key to creating genuine connection and successful relationships. And this is at the foundation of working with me.

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