all issues stem from insufficient love

I’m beginning to think that ALL issues are simply a result of insufficient love. ALL issues are a result of not liking and accepting oneself.

Low self-esteem is a result of not liking or accepting oneself.

Self non-love often comes as a result of comparison with others and thinking “I am different from others, and that’s wrong."

One of the reasons Circling is so powerful and effective is because there is a large amount of acceptance and love. The Love is what heals, not necessarily the knowledge.

Practicing Circling is to practice Self-love. In Circling, people get used to being seen AS LOVEABLE, as OK, as acceptable. Being seen without being judged for being the way they are.

To me, Circling is a practice of loving and being loved…It is nothing more than learning to accept and love another human being, as they are. It is a practice of compassion and love. That’s why I find it so powerful, so healing, so empowering…

What’s empowering is the feeling of being loved. Feeling that you are OK, that you are accepted. Having the permission TO BE YOU—without apologies, without blame.