Bali Circling Adventure

Our first Bali Circling Adventure is now a reality. It was AMAZING to share this time with all the powerful people who came with us on this journey! There were practiced Circlers and people for whom this was a brand new experience. Yet, the group blended together beautifully and everyone who joined us in Bali contributed in so many terrific ways! I am always amazed at how perfectly things turn out—how the “right” people are drawn together so they can work out old karma or current issues that ready to change.

We started Bali Magic Circling Adventure with a spectacular aura cleanse at the town’s magnificent water temple and ended it with purifying homemade fire at the feet of Goddess Saraswati, clad in white and gold. In between there was much for all of us: there was raised Kundalini, laughter, tears, resolved conflict, insights and joy. There was Luwak coffee, ancient temples, vast rice fields and various samplings of local culture. There were swims, rest, dancing and play. There was time alone and together time. There were strong connections and new friendship bonds. And of course, there was Circling.

There is such a high in witnessing important revelations, which produce lasting changes in our lives, that we all wanted more of it. It was not easy to go home after this magical week was over. We wanted to stay together, to play longer and to Circle more.

There will be another time! We are now securing the dates for 2016 and will let you know soon!

Here are some photos from the 2015 Bali Magic Circling Adventure.

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