just another tuesday

spyral staircase.jpg

Last Tuesday I got to feel, to cry, to love, to feel really seen and appreciated, to connect, then disconnect, and to use this disconnect to create connection again—through conscious communication.

I got to feel more open, and more able to receive. I got to see how others experience me. I got to feel joy, sadness and bliss. In other words—I got to be alive. 

As Anthony A. said: “Eh, just another Tuesday!... Tuesdays begin to have a new meaning now….”

Throughout the evening, there were quite a few times I sat on the edge of my seat. I rode on my own emotional edge, and stretched the edge of others. I witnessed people step deeper into their greatness and give birth to new patterns; and make more self-supportive decisions. I noticed them become more receptive of themselves, and then more available to others…

I got to see and experience some serious transformation. I got to feel triggered and to trigger others, and thus create opportunities for growth and change.

I got to “update” some emotional “files” and observe how much has already healed. I got to feel centered and deeply present, and serene in the midst of intense discomfort.

I got to feel supported and loved. I got to feel triggering and loving. 

I got to feel ALL this, and more. And I did NOT shut off, not even for a moment. I did NOT get defensive. I did NOT withdraw. I did NOT build barrier for protection.

I remained vulnerable and open. I leaned into being open. I stayed receptive and present—“meeting” whatever came my way…

I got to die and be born again.