Following the Path

"I gave up my music because I had received from it all that I had to receive. To serve God one must sacrifice what is dearest to one; and so I sacrificed my music. I had composed songs; I sang and played the vina; and practicing this music I arrived at a stage where I touched the Music of the Spheres. Then every soul became for me a musical note, and all life became music. Inspired by it I spoke to the people, and those who were attracted by my words listened to them, instead of listening to my songs. Now, if I do anything, it is to tune souls instead of instruments; to harmonize people instead of notes. If there is anything in my philosophy, it is the law of harmony: that one must put oneself in harmony with oneself and with others. I have found in every word a certain musical value, a melody in every thought, harmony in every feeling; and I have tried to interpret the same thing, with clear and simple words, to those who used to listen to my music. I played the vina until my heart turned into this very instrument; then I offered this instrument to the divine Musician, the only musician existing. Since then I have become His flute; and when He chooses, He plays His music. The people give me credit for this music, which in reality is not due to me but to the Musician who plays on His own instrument."

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan, “The mysticism of Sound and Music”

Steve Sandberg sent me this text and I feel deeply touched by it. It really speaks to me as it describes my story and how I feel about giving up (visual) art. I continue to help people see the world differently, but I am now doing it by applying different media: coaching and circling. I am now practicing the art of circling and fine-tuning human souls. Instead of painting paintings I am now assisting others to design a more fulfilling life for themselves... Before I was holding a brush, now I am holding space for the healing, aligning and re-birthing of human Souls… I feel humbled and I bow in reverence as I watch the rapid changes this practice allows…