Quantum physics and the energetic field of Circling

Perhaps you’ve heard of quantum physics and how the behavior of matter and energy on a certain microscopic levels change when exposed to attention. You’ve heard that in the realm of quantum physics, observing something influences the physical processes that take place. You’ve heard that particles can act like light waves just because they are exposed to attention. Well, circling seems to have a similar effect: whatever we “put into the circle” tends to change and causes us to act differently. Putting a loving attention on a concern or emotion brought into the present seems to dissipate the issue, change its structure, eradicate the pain and heal deeply. When done well circling can be extremely transforming. I believe that any loving attention can heal. Multiplied by the group of people in the circle, this focused attention creates a powerful energy field in which issues seem to disappear or heal almost miraculously.  Real shifts in behavior follow up soon. With the right integration, new patterns are born.

During the yearlong training at The Circling Institute, Guy and Alexis teach in depth the different stages of facilitating circling.  These stages are almost scientifically organized, structured, practiced and explained. But it’s that mysterious energy field that seems to occur during circling that is not easy to describe.

Why in quantum physics the observed particles turn into light waves? Why do they change when they are noticed, seen and witnessed? Why do people’s structural beliefs and perceptions of themselves, of others or of certain events—past or present—change just as mysteriously when under magnified loving attention? Why does “being seen” lifts up pain, increases one’s sense of worthiness and gives birth to new beliefs that allow us to glance into a more accurate reality?

Is it possible that there is some kind of connection in this? Is it possible that circling reaches so deeply into the smallest particles inside us and shifts them from matter to light—thus showing us who we truly are?

Is it possible that the energy field produced in a circle is similar to a quantum resonance field?