sweet presence of the Presence

To describe Circling hasn’t been easy for anyone who has experienced it. I am not surprised. It makes sense to me. How do you describe what you experience during a deep meditation? How do you describe encounters with the Divine? You FEEL it. You KNOW it’s there. You may even see it, or hear it. But you can’t quite describe it accurately. It seems that there are no words for it…

Imagine that you were just circled. And you are left feeling moved, perplexed, unraveled, oddly energized, deeply touched, vulnerable, sensitive to everything and yet more resilient and more powerful than ever. You feel clear about things that were puzzling you before. Even though little of what you have just experienced made sense to you. Yet you feel more determined. More centered. More open. More alive. More real. More You.

I haven’t heard anyone stating openly yet that Circling is, in fact, a deep spiritual practice. I’ve heard people call it “art”, “relational yoga”, “practice”, “healing modality”, “not therapy”, “group meditation”, “all that is”… and that’s as close as it had come to admitting that this mysterious something, this je-ne-sais-quoi-pas of transformational modalities is in fact a deeply healing spiritual force, a shortcut to connecting with, getting to know, and befriending your own Spirit (and the Spirits of the people who are sharing the experience with you).

Circling is a spiritual practice. I have repeatedly observed the tremendous pull it has on everyone who has experienced it, as well as the radical changes and rapid transformation it creates.

I am convinced that the energy that operates actively in Circling is Divine Force.  A Force of Love, of compassion that allows us to see the essence of another, and to experience our own… A Force that’s opening the heart, so that what needs to heal IS healed, and all that remains is Love…

To love means to be able to see with your heart. To love means to see the VALUE. In others. And in yourself. To me Circling is a Gateway to Loving. It has taught me to perceive others as valuable, as worthy, as lovable, as Divine…

Circling is a spiritual practice. I became fully aware of this when I began building my first circling website. Mysterious images (which I suddenly recalled to have drawn incessantly as a child with my first compass) came out of nowhere and insisted to stay. They literally chose me: circles that touch and connect in a mystical way, just as it often happens with people in the process of Circling.

Curious about these insistent and strangely powerful drawings, I ran a research and I discovered that these images are known in sacred geometry as the symbolic representation of Divine Union. The overlapping boundaries of the two interacting circles create the sacred geometric form of the Vesica Piscis, the birth portal through which Creation moves into manifest form: the Cosmic Yoni...


The more I learned, the more sense it made to me, and the greater my astonishment as I connected invisible dots and became aware of deeper meanings and odd parallels.

As I continued to draw circles for the website, I felt possessed. I felt inspired. I felt on fire. I felt unstoppable. I felt within me a force so powerful, so gentle, so mystical, so grounding—I felt it rushing through me and taking care of all that needed to be done. Easily. Effortlessly. With joy.  With mysterious delight that I sensed in every fiber of my body and in every ray of my soul.

And then I got it: in the sacred practice of Circling, the circle is the container in which the Universal Force of the Feminine (a.k.a. Love) arrives when we are strongly present, engaged and focused on the Now. The more spiritually evolved and aware the facilitators, the higher energetic frequency they can hold, the more beneficial are the outcomes, and deeper are the healings.

Circling is a spiritual practice. It requires attention and Presence—our own and this of others. When the container is solid and strong, the energy builds up and another Presence becomes present.

This Presence swiftly sweeps away what no longer serves us. It heals. It calms. It nurtures. It nourishes. It releases old pain. It transforms patterns. It shifts perceptions. It renews the mind. It clears the aura. It releases defenses. It opens the heart. It allows connection. It allows Love. It points to new possibilities. It creates room for choice.

Circling is a magnificently rich spiritual practice. It is more than art. For me it is an exquisite partnership with the Divine.