sweet presence of the Presence

To describe circling hasn’t been easy for anyone who has experienced it. I am not surprised. It makes sense to me. How do you describe what you experience during a deep meditation? How do you describe encounters with the Divine? You feel it. You know it’s there. You may even see it, or hear it. But you can’t quite describe it accurately. It seems that there are no words for it…

Imagine that you were just circled. And you are left feeling moved, perplexed, unraveled, oddly energized, deeply touched, vulnerable, sensitive to everything and yet more resilient and more powerful than ever. You feel clear about things that were puzzling you before. Even if little of what you have just experienced made sense to you. Yet you feel more determined. More centered. More open. More alive. More real. More You.

I haven’t heard anyone stating openly yet that Circling is, in fact, a deep spiritual practice. I’ve heard people call it “art”, “relational yoga”, “practice”, “healing modality”, “not therapy”, “group meditation”, “all that is”… and that’s as close as it had come to admitting that this mysterious something, this je-ne-sais-pas-quoi of transformational modalities is in fact a deeply healing spiritual force, a shortcut to connecting with, getting to know your own Spirit, and befriending it. 

Circling IS a spiritual practice. I have repeatedly observed the tremendous pull it has on everyone who has experienced it, as well as the radical changes and rapid transformation it creates.

I am convinced that the energy that operates actively in circling is Divine Force.  A Force of Love, of compassion that allows us to see the essence of another, and to experience our own… A force that’s opening the heart, so that what needs to heal is healed, and all that remains is Love…

To love means to be able to see with your heart. To love means to see the value. In others... and in yourself. To me Circling is a Gateway to Loving. It has taught me to perceive others as valuable, as worthy, as lovable, as divine…

Circling is a spiritual practice. I became fully aware of this when I began building my first circling website. Mysterious images (which I suddenly recalled to have drawn incessantly as a child with my first math compass) came out of nowhere and insisted to stay. They literally chose me: circles that touch and connect in a mystical way--just as it often happens with people during Circling.

Curious about these insistent and strangely powerful drawings, I ran a research and I discovered that these images are known in sacred geometry as the symbolic representation of Divine Union. The overlapping boundaries of the two interacting circles create the sacred geometric form of the Vesica Piscis, the birth portal through which Creation moves into manifest form: the Cosmic Yoni...

  from my first circling website

from my first circling website

The more I learned, the more sense it made to me, and the greater my astonishment as I connected invisible dots and became aware of deeper meanings and odd parallels.

As I continued to draw circles for the website, I felt inspired. I felt on fire. I felt unstoppable. I felt within me a force so powerful, so gentle, so mystical, so grounding—I sensed it rushing through me and taking care of all that needed to be done. Easily. Effortlessly. With joy.  With mysterious delight that I sensed in every fiber of my body and in every ray of my soul.

And then I got it: in the sacred practice of circling, the circle is the container in which the Universal Force of the Feminine (a.k.a. Love) arrives when we are strongly present, engaged and focused on the Now. The more spiritually evolved and aware the facilitators, the higher energetic frequency they can hold and thus facilitate profound healing that opens new possibilities for beneficial outcomes.

Circling is a spiritual practice. It requires attention and presence—our own and this of others. When the container is solid and strong, the energy builds up and another Presence becomes present.

This Presence swiftly sweeps away what no longer serves us. It heals. It calms. It nurtures. It nourishes. It releases old pain. It transforms patterns. It shifts perceptions. It renews the mind. It clears the aura. It releases defenses. It opens the heart. It allows connection. It lets Love in. It points to new possibilities and creates room for choice.

Circling is a magnificently rich spiritual practice. It is more than art. It is an exquisite partnership with the Divine.

blind spots

Level Three of telling the truth is tricky because we can be so good in deceiving ourselves. We are all hiding to some extent. We all have blind spots—things we are not seeing even though they might be obvious to others.

In this video I talk about the challenges of Level Two of telling the truth. See what resonates with you!

If you want a much deeper journey into knowing your truth and expressing it, join us at The Art of Truth weekend training. You might become aware of some of your blind spots! Or perhaps you could discover what blocks you from having a more fulfilling life or enjoying better relationships.

During this training you will acquire valuable tools for relating in a whole new way, so you can experience stronger connection with your Self and others, and see new possibilities available to you. The group is small in order to provide added attention that leads to real breakthroughs. I

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speaking your truth is a habit

discomfort copy.jpg

As children, or as young adults we learned that to say the truth can be damaging or dangerous. We learned to withhold the truth, keep it in, sugarcoat it, say white lies or bluntly lie to protect others, or to shield ourselves from others’ anger…

Sharing your truth while staying connected to your heart’s truest desires is the focus of my work, and the key to the way I teach authentic relating. When working with me my clients learn (and practice) how to express in order to create connection and support closeness. I help them unlearn outdated habits and to discover why saying what’s true in each moment is preferable to withdrawal and disconnect.

You too can learn to navigate the depths of your shadow and shine light on what needs to be transformed. You too will know what to do when communication is infected by control dynamics. 

Attending to reality in a discerning, present and masterful way is a key to creating genuine connection and successful relationships. And this is at the foundation of working with me.

So join us for The Art of Truth weekend training in which we’ll practice being truthful about things that are important to us. You’ll learn how to become deeply in tune with who you are, so you can manifest what you need and desire.

to master this level...

What’d be like if we were honest with each other all the time? What’d be like if we were willing to be truly seen, heard and known?

This may sound scary to some. It was terrifying to me—for many years.

From a very young age I’ve mastered a variety of ways to hide. Over the years I had become really good at it. I wanted to protect myself, to ensure that others love me, approve of me, and wouldn’t want to hurt me or leave me. I was desperately trying to avoid pain. This often meant monitoring what I say and to whom I say it.

But there came a time in my life, in which this strategy no longer did what I was expecting it to do. Hiding and modifying my truth no longer protected me. And it didn’t feel good. Not being seen and heard became painful. Yet, I did not know how else to protect myself and gain the love and acceptance that I needed…

Fast forward some years of tremendous pain, grief, and the commitment to find new ways... This led me to extensive travels, a change of career and training as a therapist and a life coach. I continued to explore, experience, practice and study numerous healing methods and modalities—all in the hope to free myself from pain.

Then I found a method that really works! It brought me in touch with my own truth and gave me the tools necessary to create real change in my life. I no longer needed to give in to Fear and live by its rules.

In this video I talk about the qualities we need to develop in order to master Level Two of telling the truth. See what resonates with you!

Honoring one’s truth and relating in authentic ways is central to my work. I help people to find, voice and live their truth, so they can have better relationships and live more fulfilling life.

If you want to become more comfortable in overcoming the challenges this level presents, join us at The Art of Truth weekend training. In it we will practice specific communication skills that will help you stop hiding and begin to relate authentically.

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exploring your truth   

For me telling the truth is a spiritual practice.

Developing awareness of what’s true for us is the first step that opens the door to living authentically. To me this means aligning with our soul and honoring the whole Self.

In this 5-minute video I outline the two aspects of Level One of telling the truth.

See what resonates with you.


If the video inspires you to explore further, I am hosting The Art of Truth weekend training in which we’ll practice being honest about things that are important to us. We’ll learn how to become deeply in tune with who we are and what we need and desire.


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I have to be honest with you

I have to be honest with you. I've started making videos–and it's frightening.

Showing up on video is a huge stretch for me. I am more used to being behind the camera, not in front of it.
I’m an introvert. I’m super-sensitive, self-conscious and camera-shy. 
English is not my native language and I sometimes stumble to find the right words. Staring at the single eye of a camera and speaking into The Void is terrifying to me.
And yet I’m doing this. Because I find that video provides more direct ways to share, experience and learn. And I'm all about expanding into new territories, stepping into the frightening Unknown, taking risks that help me grow, learn, and find more effective ways to contribute.

This is my truth, and I am glad you are part of it.

3 factors for a great relationship


both participants recognize the benefit and value of the relationship and are determined to make it work.



requires honesty and candor on both sides. sincere care and genuinely expressed appreciation will be quickly perceived and will accelerate the evolving relationship.



authentic communication that serves the connection will help convey the other two factors

2017— a year of letting go


For me 2017 was a year of letting go. A year of challenges and changes of all sorts. I let go of my lover. I let go of a city I once loved. I let go of my home of 18 years. I let go of most of my possessions.

I let go of pride and hubris. I let go of some teachers, so new ones can appear and teach me what I don’t know yet. I let go of some judgments and outdated models of the world.

I let go of things, reactions and responses that gave me the illusion of comfort and protection. I let go of habitual ways of being that aren’t aligned with who I have become. I stretched myself waaaaaaaaaay beyond my already over-stretched comfort zone.

I let go of much that I loved. And some circumstances and people let go of me. In 2017 I faced the demon of rejection—multiple times. I learned that when I reach out for what’s not meant to be mine, or try to hold onto what I've already outgrown, change might look, feel and taste like rejection. It's painful and it sucks. Yet, I learned that what we call rejection is simply a way in which life rearranges itself.

2017 was a year of rearrangements for me. A year of re-seeing, rethinking and regrouping. In 2017 I let old structures fall apart. And now there is room for new paradigms and more rewarding experiences to unfold.

I bow in gratitude for 2017. For she brought a lot of gifts. And I welcome 2018 with the clear intention to experience more miracles, beauty and benevolent manifestations of all sorts.

2018 is for re-emerging. I'll be rising from the ashes—brighter than ever before.

Happy 2018, my friends! May it be a year of glorious new beginnings for all of us. May it be a year of miracles, fulfillment and heart-felt joy!



is leadership a role?


A friend and a fellow Circling facilitator recently shared that when he's leading he cannot be himself. He thinks that being a leader is a role. I did not want to begin a dispute, so I said nothing—even though something in this statement did not land as true for me.

In the next few days, I continued thinking of what he said, so I decided to explore the topic and find out what it is for me to be a facilitator and a community leader.

So here is what feels true for me: being a leader is NOT a role.

In fact, while Circling, I become more of who I am. I am less guarded, more real, more honest and more attuned to what is true for me in each moment. I am more loving and more accepting—of others and of myself. 

I am certainly less judgmental. I am more compassionate, more patient and deeply rooted into my heart. I feel more alive, energized and fulfilled.

As a leader I am more visible and often more vulnerable than anyone else in the room. I feel almost naked as I show up honestly transparent, open and defenseless while also holding space for everyone else.

Facilitating for others transforms me. I'm growing tremendously when I’m being present and available to others. It comes from the level of my engagement and attention. It’s a result of listening so deeply that it helps me comprehend what the other is feeling or going through. That profound understanding often transforms their experience, but it also begins to change me.

I lead and I follow, simultaneously. I facilitate and I grow at he same time. I am the teacher and I am also the student. I am the observer and the participant. I am giving and I am receiving, in equal measure. I am open to the flow of life and to the beauty of each moment, without placing any pre-conceived expectations or requirements, and without being attached to a specific outcome. I relax in the natural flow of each moment blending into the next.

I believe we are here to learn how to love.

Each time I lead a circle I am becoming better at loving. And each time I'm closer to my true nature. Each time I am more aligned with who I am.


resistance vs. allowing


There is a big difference between pushing against what you don’t want (resistance) and going in the direction of what you do want (flow).

This is a vibrational universe. When you vibrate in positive ways, it causes you to be in harmony with your Eternal Self. There is no resistance. When you are in a state of no resistance, you allow solutions to flow to you.

You are either in a state of resistance or in a state of allowing. Your emotions will tell you where you are: they reflect the physical vibration that you hold.

When you feel negative emotions (fear, doubt, anger, guilt, loneliness, frustration) this means you are focused on something you do not want. You are in resistance. When you are angry, you are fighting something, you want to change something, you want to control something (or someone) who doesn’t behave as you wish…

Every time you are in a state of resistance, you are preventing the very thing you want.

When you are praising or appreciating something; when you are acknowledging the value of something; when you look for positive aspects; when you are smiling, laughing, applauding, appreciating; when you are feeling joy, health and well being—there is no resistance in you. In these moments you are in vibrational harmony with who you really are. You are in flow.

Deliberate creation is about focusing on something that allows you to be in alignment with who you really are even when you are in the midst of negative experiences!

When you are focused on the solution, you are a vibrational match to the solution.

You cannot focus on a problem and be a vibrational match to the solution. The key is to focus in a way that you are feeling positive emotion because this positive emotion is the indicator that you are holding a thought, which is not resisting. When you are not resisting, you are allowing the creating of what you want.

Resistance is the thoughts you are thinking that do not match the vibration of what you want. That’s why the thoughts feel negative to you—they don’t match who you are! So when you feel anger, fear, doubt—remember that they point to what you want, and look for it.

Ask yourself: are the thoughts I’m currently thinking (the words I am speaking or the actions I am taking) an aspect of resistance, or an aspect of allowing and going in the direction I prefer?

Make this a practice and you will begin to see positive changes in your life.