your thoughts, emotions, and body are connected

Your thoughts, emotions, and body are connected, they are a unified holistic system. If one of the three units does not work well, the others are also affected.

You can access your hidden energy and eliminate the emotional pain caused by traumatic experiences like separation, ending a relationship, or having an unfaithful lover.

This might sound like a bold claim, but hear me out. Perhaps you already know that you have an energy body as well as a physical body, right? But what you might not have realized fully yet is that your energy body is a hidden treasure trove of power that you can use to transform virtually every area of your life. It’s particularly useful when it comes to releasing emotional pain, healing from trauma and stepping into the power of who you truly are…


There’s a relatively simple secret to doing this: using energy work. In fact it’s so simple you might be tempted to ignore it. You could easily miss it altogether.

But what I’ve found is that when you get this right, everything just gets easier. 

When you start paying attention to the energy within you, you will notice that things begin to move really fast. 

Everything starts as energy and then manifests into physical form. 

And if you know the details of how that works, how it actually moves through your body, energetically, you will find the specific places that the traumatic experiences in your life might have created a block. Then you can learn how to clear it out…

You will notice changes within you—the way you feel about yourself, the way you love yourself, and the way you are relating to other people…

I get a lot of feedback from the people who work with me. They say: "Friends tell me that I seem brighter, I seem lighter, I seem happier.”

And when you start getting this feedback, you know that you are healing and walking the better path for you…

You deserve a happier, more authentic life, where YOU are in charge of your life. You can have peace of mind and quiet your nervous system.


If separation, infidelity, relational tensions or mere miscommunications has been impacting your relationship, seeking counseling can give you a private, confidential space to discuss problems, find solutions and restore balance and self-esteem. 


A counselor, removed from the immediate situation (and on your side), can help you develop a reaction to a certain issue or solve problems that have been difficult to get through on your own. 

If you need help, consider coming in for a session and see if counseling is the missing piece to your happiness, wellness and restorative process.

Let's begin your healing journey together!

sweet presence of the Presence

To describe Circling hasn’t been easy for anyone who has experienced it. I am not surprised. It makes sense to me. How do you describe what you experience during a deep meditation? How do you describe encounters with the Divine? You FEEL it. You KNOW it’s there. You may even see it, or hear it. But you can’t quite describe it accurately. It seems that there are no words for it…

Imagine that you were just circled. And you are left feeling moved, perplexed, unraveled, oddly energized, deeply touched, vulnerable, sensitive to everything and yet more resilient and more powerful than ever. You feel clear about things that were puzzling you before. Even though little of what you have just experienced made sense to you. Yet you feel more determined. More centered. More open. More alive. More real. More You.

I haven’t heard anyone stating openly yet that Circling is, in fact, a deep spiritual practice. I’ve heard people call it “art”, “relational yoga”, “practice”, “healing modality”, “not therapy”, “group meditation”, “all that is”… and that’s as close as it had come to admitting that this mysterious something, this je-ne-sais-quoi-pas of transformational modalities is in fact a deeply healing spiritual force, a shortcut to connecting with, getting to know, and befriending your own Spirit (and the Spirits of the people who are sharing the experience with you).

Circling is a spiritual practice. I have repeatedly observed the tremendous pull it has on everyone who has experienced it, as well as the radical changes and rapid transformation it creates.

I am convinced that the energy that operates actively in Circling is Divine Force.  A Force of Love, of compassion that allows us to see the essence of another, and to experience our own… A Force that’s opening the heart, so that what needs to heal IS healed, and all that remains is Love…

To love means to be able to see with your heart. To love means to see the VALUE. In others. And in yourself. To me Circling is a Gateway to Loving. It has taught me to perceive others as valuable, as worthy, as lovable, as Divine…

Circling is a spiritual practice. I became fully aware of this when I began building my first circling website. Mysterious images (which I suddenly recalled to have drawn incessantly as a child with my first compass) came out of nowhere and insisted to stay. They literally chose me: circles that touch and connect in a mystical way, just as it often happens with people in the process of Circling.

Curious about these insistent and strangely powerful drawings, I ran a research and I discovered that these images are known in sacred geometry as the symbolic representation of Divine Union. The overlapping boundaries of the two interacting circles create the sacred geometric form of the Vesica Piscis, the birth portal through which Creation moves into manifest form: the Cosmic Yoni...


The more I learned, the more sense it made to me, and the greater my astonishment as I connected invisible dots and became aware of deeper meanings and odd parallels.

As I continued to draw circles for the website, I felt possessed. I felt inspired. I felt on fire. I felt unstoppable. I felt within me a force so powerful, so gentle, so mystical, so grounding—I felt it rushing through me and taking care of all that needed to be done. Easily. Effortlessly. With joy.  With mysterious delight that I sensed in every fiber of my body and in every ray of my soul.

And then I got it: in the sacred practice of Circling, the circle is the container in which the Universal Force of the Feminine (a.k.a. Love) arrives when we are strongly present, engaged and focused on the Now. The more spiritually evolved and aware the facilitators, the higher energetic frequency they can hold, the more beneficial are the outcomes, and deeper are the healings.

Circling is a spiritual practice. It requires attention and Presence—our own and this of others. When the container is solid and strong, the energy builds up and another Presence becomes present.

This Presence swiftly sweeps away what no longer serves us. It heals. It calms. It nurtures. It nourishes. It releases old pain. It transforms patterns. It shifts perceptions. It renews the mind. It clears the aura. It releases defenses. It opens the heart. It allows connection. It allows Love. It points to new possibilities. It creates room for choice.

Circling is a magnificently rich spiritual practice. It is more than art. For me it is an exquisite partnership with the Divine.

honest vs. authentic

Many people mistakenly think that to be authentic means to express what is present and true for you at this moment. But this is simply to be honest. And while being honest is an honorable thing that requires courage, it is different from being authentic.

To be authentic means to express what is present and true for you at this moment while you are connected to your true essence

For example, to express the anger that you are feeling is honest. But it is NOT authentic. Because when you speak from your anger you speak from your pain. And you are not your pain.

Authentic expression does not mean to scream at people because you feel frustrated. It means to find out what's underneath the frustration, and to express from that.

And if you go deep enough with any emotion or upset, you'll inevitably find love. That is your Authentic Self! Your Authentic Self speaks from your heart. It is always gentle, kind and loving.

To relate authentically means to relate from love. It means to relate from caring. It means to drop all judgements and relate from your soul. 

And when you do this in the presence of another, magic begins to happen. Magic between the two of you, and magic inside you...

surviving infidelity


Infidelity seemed to be the norm when I was growing up. People in my country married early and had children right away. At 24, unmarried people were pronounced spinsters and “old” bachelors. Both terms carried a myriad of undesirable characteristics and the unpleasant sense of being a loser doomed to be alone. 

The truth is that there were hardly any single people left pass their mid twenties. And this indeed made it very difficult to find a partner at a later age.

Divorce wasn’t an option. It carried heavy stigma of “something is wrong with you if you are divorced”. So most people found another solution for the boredom of routine in married life: cheating. And since everyone else was already married, men and women cheated with each other’s spouses. 

Sucks, right? I agree. But that was the cultural environment of my youth.

By the time I was a teenager, I’ve heard and witnessed hundreds of stories of infidelity. I’ve heard of business deals sealed with sexual favors and university tests granted in exchange of intimate acts. I’d overhear my mother’s girlfriends sharing stories of pain caused by their husbands’ cheating. Most of them dealt with it by finding a lover of their own. Infidelity provided distraction, excitement and the sense of making things just. 

I was at an age in which none of this made sense. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of it all, or the impact it will have on my own life. But I remember the pain in these women’s eyes, and their resolve not to be victims. 

They coped with the pain by sharing their stories with close friends, picking up the remnants of their dignity and returning the insult by doing the same thing that had hurt them. 

Now I know that there was no real healing in this. Just a temporary relief that generated more pain as they unknowingly magnified the scale of an already wide-spread painful pattern. 

This was then. 

Today I believe that everyone can heal. Fully. Just as I did. And as my clients do.

In the last few months I’ve been working hard to create an online course that makes healing from the traumas of infidelity accessible to millions of people. I have created a system, a “map” that can help to navigate from pain to profound healing and inner peace. My approach has a spiritual twist, yet it is practical and firmly grounded in day-to-day reality. 

My intention is to help men and women who have been affected by infidelity recently, or in the past. 

This groundbreaking course is designed to help them heal completely, so they can restore trust, rebuild their confidence and create new relational dynamics—with new or existing partners.

more information HERE

the gifts of death

I've met Death before. Several times.

The first time I was terrified. I was afraid that I’ll die without having lived life as I wished to live it. Until then I’ve lived by somebody else’s rules—parents, husbands, government structures, or my young son. Taking care of others has become my priority, and I have forgotten to let myself live my life… 


Glancing at Death helped me make a new decision—to live fully before I died. I realized that life is about pleasure, beauty and joy. I decided that it’s time to have fun and live life like I always wanted to, but never did. I decided to enjoy life, invest in myself and unfold all my talents. I decided to leave behind something beautiful, and to shine

I knew that one of my life’s lessons was to learn to depend fully on myself. I left my wealthy but boring husband with whom I have ceased to have sex. I chose an attractive, exciting and attentive man for a lover. I took a large apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, rented a slick artist studio overlooking Times Square, and resolved to live my life as a free spirit and a full-time artist. 

I got divorced. I was clear that I will never marry again. 

Having spent the teenage phase of my life with adult’s responsibilities, I now threw myself in parties and painting. I hanged out with artists-friends and explored the exciting life of a visual artist in Manhattan in the 90's. It was a carefree, exciting life of glamour, creative frenzy and big hopes that seemed realistic for all.

I was promised two years of life, so money was not something to worry about—there was plenty for a lifespan of two years. I spent money freely and it came just as easily to me. I was making art that I loved, and I indulged the exhilarating promises for success.

It was a dream come true: I shined at gallery openings, museum galas, film premiers, elegant opera performances and odd seedy underground things I didn’t have words for. I enjoyed my fascinating friends, constant male attention and women’s admiration. 

Nine years later Death came at my door for a second time.


By now I had achieved some artistic success, exhibited my art around the world, received some prestigious awards, made influential friends, got another masters’ degree, and fell hard for a man who refused to be loved. 

Making art became a tool for my healing. I traveled a lot. New York had lost its charm for me. I lived in South East Asia for few years—looking for meaning, sacred knowledge and the eternal truths. I wanted to know the Universe and to understand the deepest layers of human psyche and soul.

I meditated for hours, danced sacred dances, and twisted my body in impossible yoga positions—in search of my own divinity. I prayed in countless temples and walked through the holiest of places, in hope to heal my heart.

I met amazing teachers who provided wise answers and initiated me in ancient healing arts. I’ve learned to connect with myself and the Divine. I also learned that there’s nothing more precious than Love. Yet, I suffered greatly because I didn’t feel loved. 

Meeting Death for the second time was a humbling experience. As I was sitting in the midst of paralyzing fear, I suddenly understood the true nature of Love! My heart cracked open and tears of gratitude and love streamed down my face and neck. And right then and there—all alone after a scary biopsy, I realized that when I feel love, I have it. And when I withhold it, I don’t… 

This was the second gift of Death: to feel loved I simply need to let myself love!

And that night, under the gaze of Death, I had an extraordinary experience of love! I was to meet with the man who didn’t love me the way I wanted him to love. That night I loved him without expecting anything from him. I loved for the sake of love. I loved just because I can…

I have discovered the recipe for the deepest inner peace!


Today I glimpsed at Death again.

This time I am not afraid. This time Death smiles through the mist of a prolonged but ordinary flu. Thoughts and memories of men from the past have visited me between feverish sleep and fits of breath-stopping cough. I suspect that that this flu is here to help me let go of whatever judgments I still hold about men.

I suspect it is here to unleash the hidden tears that might have been stuck in my throat and chest; to release and purify my soul, and deepen my authentic expression. I suspect it is here to help me take back the authority over my worthiness and to stop proving that I’m good enough.

This time the invitation is to forgive myself and all the men I perceived as hurting me. To forgive myself for staying too long in traps I mistakenly took for love. 

To forgive myself for trying to prove that I deserve to be loved. To forgive myself that I gave to others the authority to decide whether I’m worthy of love. 

It’s not an accident that Death appears to me again on Forgiveness Day, the holy day which in my country is dedicated to chasing away the darkness of fruitless winter and preparing for new growth.

knowledge is power

Love and connection are core human needs – something we all need in order to lead a fulfilled life. Many people leave their relationships up to fate or chance – but you can take control of your destiny when it comes to love. 

The Authentic Dating for Women is the first step in learning what you want and need from a relationship, how to get it, and how to communicate and interact with your partner and keep your love alive long after the initial spark.

I believe that creating a great relationship takes dedication and learning new ways of being with one another. Knowledge is power. New skills and awareness bring the results we desire. Conscious relationships are more satisfying and are easier to maintain—because we have already done most of the work!

Most of us want to experience joy and happiness. I believe that happiness comes from a sense of aliveness and meaning in our lives. Most often we find this meaning in interaction with other people—people we love.

Nothing is more powerful than to feel that your life matters because you have touched another person’s soul; that you have someone you care for; someone you passionately love… and to feel love and passion coming back to you.

I believe that this is something we create!

True love and happy relationships are created by two people who are prepared, and really ready to love.

Authentic Dating for Women is the next step towards getting ready for the best relationship of your life. 

Make this step today!

emotional housecleaning


These have been a few weeks of profound and disturbing emotional cleaning. I am getting current with myself—as my favorite lover puts it. I call it Updating the Files. Letting go of what doesn’t fit me. Taking care of what does. Re-organizing my life’s closets and storage rooms. Clarifying what I still need to keep and nurture, and what has passed its due date…

Knowing which relationships are stuck in dead ends, or going in circles, and finding the fastest way out. Taking chances with others—the ones that promise opportunities to grow, expand, evolve beyond my current spiritual level, open my heart to love even more, and learn a few new things about Life, others and myself…

Blessed and sacred few weeks of purifying emotional housecleaning!


the problem with men–women relationships


There is a lot of emotion around the area of our lives that we call relationships. Because whenever we enter into a relationship we come face-to-face with our deepest fears.

Our partners are the most vivid mirrors life offers. Relationships reflect back to us our conditioning, our driving needs and our belief systems. 

That’s why the quality of our life is the quality of our relationships.

The problem with men–women relationships today is that we are treating each other as enemies. Ghosting, unkindness and disrespect continuously cause damage. 

Both—men and women are lonely—starved for touch, affection, genuine connection and appreciation. Both are longing for respect, acceptance and to belong. Many men and women today are hurt, suspicious and quick to grab the weapons of anger, blame and emotional withdrawal. They rush to reject before being rejected. 

As a result, we are often out of alignment with our core nature—most men are taking instead of providing; many women are attacking in defense. Nobody wins.

The truth is that we need each other. But sadly, we no longer know how to be together in supportive and harmonious ways…

With the intention to remedy this, Rachel Castagne and I have created a live online course for women that aims to restore respect, personal dignity and more harmonious interactions when it comes to dating, relating and romance. 

In this course we introduce ways that reverse the damaging dynamics in which men and women are often habitually engaged.

Authentic Dating for Women begins on March 9th 4-6 pm EST and will continue for 3 full months. It is packed with valuable information that helps women to understand men, heal past pain and acquire practical tools for new ways to engage with a man and enchant him. 

The places are limited and fill up fast. So sign up now!

You’ll be glad you did.


💥who else wants to feel freedom in life?💥

I realize that some of you don’t know me and this crazy journey of my life…so here’s a little background…see if you can relate to some of it!

I grew up in Bulgaria, being the “good girl”, doing what I thought I “should” do—go to college, get a good job, work hard, get married and be happy. 

I went to college, got the dream job…a really great job in the theater, with added gigs in television and the film industry. I had great friends and a good husband who loved me. We gave life to a beautiful baby boy.

Travelling from gig to gig with the baby in the back of the car and doing what I loved was thrilling. I was in my 20s and happy—making tons of money, doing interesting things, traveling and feeling so successful.

But…I wanted more. Professionally, I have quickly reached the glass ceiling and it seemed that there was very little room for me to grow. So I immigrated to the USA, in search of a bigger dream, more creative freedom and challenges that help me grow. 

I was surprised and disappointed to find out that theater here wasn’t as fulfilling career as I hoped it’d be. After walking the city with a giant portfolio in hand for few months and meeting key theater people, I landed a couple of promising gigs. They weren’t satisfying. The agent I saw told me that I needed to wait good 10 years before I can establish myself. Recently divorced and with a small child to take care of, volunteering jobs weren’t an option for me. 

I decided to shift to more profitable career and I ended up painting murals for large public spaces and fancy hotels. This was the time when mural paintings were in fashion in the States. I started working for a well known mural company, then got in business of my own. Soon I began to make tons of money. Five-figure fees for a single project that I could complete in a few weeks felt AMAZING! 

3 years into that career I was burned out, wasn’t fulfilled and I knew there was something else for me. So naturally, I stayed another 3 years. 🤷‍♀️😂😂

Meanwhile I got married again and began my third career as a fine art studio artist. What this means is that I spent my days in my studio, painting pretty paintings without looking for anyone’s approval. There was no paycheck either.

So I pressed on, creating a vast body of work that I could show to galleries and find representation. My dream was to have gallery exhibitions and consistent income from sold paintings. 

Fast forward and I was in my new art studio overlooking Times Square from the 16th floor of a fabulous Manhattan building! 

My taste was expensive. My profession was expensive. My lifestyle was expensive. Living in Manhattan and maintaining an art studio in addition to already extravagant living space, eventually became more difficult than I cared for.

I needed a backup plan. 

For months I soul-searched deep inside. 

I asked myself: What is my purpose? What will I enjoy doing for the rest of my life?  What qualities do I already have that I can utilize or develop further, in order to create a career that’s fulfilling for me? What does my soul want? What am I made for? Am I already on my Soul’s path, being an artist? Or is there something else for me? Something more impactful and rewarding?

Thank GOD, I ended up in Los Angeles, got my Masters’ Degree in Spiritual Psychology, and I knew NOW that there was something else for me. I was clear now that my purpose was bigger than what I was living.

Despite the glossy art openings, fancy exhibitions in galleries around the world and the large sums of money that came every now and then in exchange for my paintings, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I wasn’t feeling aligned. I wasn’t feeling happy. 

I loved the creative process, but I hated the rest. 

Outside the studio, the games of superficiality ruled. There was an image to be built, preserved and sustained. There were rules to be followed and strings to be pulled. There were masks to be worn and fake smiles to be smiled. There were words to be minced and connections to be made. There were “friendships” to be maintained. And there were so many rules and so little room for the expression of the Real Me… 

Living as an artist was becoming increasingly unsatisfying for me. The closer to the top I was, the more I had to pretend to be someone I was not. I have reached the biggest success I could possibly have as an artist, but something important in me was dying. I needed to preserve it and take care of it...

In 2012 I finally walked away from my art career, not knowing how to create what was next—a successful career as a life coach. I just knew I needed to contribute in more significant ways. I knew that I can make a bigger difference. And I was determined to show up fully for it. 

Taking that leap of faith changed everything for me.

I’ll tell you more of this journey later, but fast forward to today, 7 years later, and I am living my purpose 100% — supporting myself and my clients in continuing to experience more FREEDOM in their life and expression, encouraging people like you to stop playing small and live in their fullness. 

It is my greatest gift to be a coach and to support and witness my clients in their transformations.
So what about you? What in my journey resonates with you? Let’s dish. 

what does it mean to live in a higher vibration? 

high vibration.jpg

In my current process of growth and evolving I am focused on shifting my emotional states and living from a higher vibration. So I’ll be posting a few blogs on what it means to live in a higher vibration, how to attain it, and most importantly — how to maintain it.

So, how do you know when you live in a higher vibration? Here are just a few signs:

You live with ease. 

Your life is full of goals, dreams, authenticity. 

You have the ability to attract everything you desire. 

Everything is happening quickly. 

You don’t take things personally. 

You observe and allow.

You learn to relax and to let go of control. 

You can shift negative to positive. Quickly.

You liberate yourself from limiting believes. 

You replace the outdated beliefs with new, positive ones.

You feel good about yourself and the world.