AUTHENTIC POWER circling immersion weekend

Create a Meaningful Connection While Being You


WHEN: September 29-October 2, 2017 in Washington D.C. Friday 7pm-10pm Sat & Sun 10am-7pm

WHERE:  You’ll receive the exact address when you sign up.


This 2½-day workshop is for men and women who are willing to invite change, create deeper connection and enjoy more fulfilling relationships.

What prevents you from having more closeness in your relationship? What keeps you stuck in superficial interactions in which you, your partner, or both of you are far from being fully engaged and truly happy?

How often do you feel caught up in doing things out of duty, obligation, guilt, shame and other things that destroy connection? Do you sometimes alter your true responses in order to avoid conflict, be liked, or feel that you belong?

During these two and a half days you will gain more awareness of who you are, what you need, what matters to you and why, how you stand in your own way and what you can do differently in order to experience more happiness in your life. 

It is possible to feel more comfortable in your skin as you begin to accept yourself and express fearlessly what’s true for you.

It is possible to learn from your limitations and stop blaming and judging yourself. 

It is possible to consciously create an emotional attraction with a partner of your choice. 

Self-knowledge requires courage. It takes you to the rawest places in yourself. But it also brings the most valuable rewards and the fastest growth. Because your relationship with yourself magnifies everything else. The more you know yourself, the more you trust your choices and the more accepting of yourself you can become. 

Clarity precedes change.


In this -day experiential workshop you will become more conscious and more clear about:

  • your habitual relationship dynamics
  • the way you relate to yourself and to others 
  • how you might be “losing” yourself when in a relationship
  • how you disconnect from another in order to stay present to yourself
  • what might've been blocking you from having the loving relationship you want



This workshop will support you in becoming more aware of how you do relationships and how you can improve them. It will gently help you heal and transform. You will practice conscious communication and use it to create a life in which authenticity is at the heart of all your interactions.

During this weekend we will practice presence, empathy and connection. 



  • valuable tools for relating to people in a whole new way
  • a stronger connection with Self and another
  • useful skills for experiencing others at a soul level, including attracting someone special into your life and creating lasting and meaningful connection
light-authentic powerSM.jpg



  • Connect with your body and use it as a guide to find your true answers
  • Unlock your authentic power and experience yourself as more confident and worthy
  • Slip past self-consciousness and into self-expression
  • Feel more present and alive
  • Learn how to communicate so the other person “gets you”
  • Improve all your relationships and enjoy life more


This is an immersive circling workshop. Circling is a term for a new cutting edge process that encompasses a number of well known spiritual and psychological modalities, put together in a way that gently delivers faster results and profound transformation.


This weekend is limited to 10 people, so you'll get a lot of personalized attention, which leads to life-changing results.