Circling is an awareness practice, which teaches us to participate in life instead of trying to control it. It facilitates profound transformation and personal growth. It supports authenticity and connection. The insights and connection available in this practice allows us to shift and evolve at the very foundation of our being. Making life changes then becomes a natural outcome.

This is a powerful group process that pushes us closer to the edge of aliveness. It combines cutting edge personal growth modalities with ancient wisdom—opening a new doorway to transformation. Circling has the capacity to reveal our true essence and help us cultivate deep connections. It teaches us how to ground ourselves in the NOW, and be fully present. 



  • tell your truth in a way that allows others to understand your perspective
  • understand others' point of view and prevent misunderstandings
  • discover blind-spots that make it difficult to relate in ways that support your relationship
  • create deep meaningful connections
  • practice being present, so you can connect with your body and feel more alive
  • access more choices when responding to, or interacting with others

Circling invites us to pause and investigate what is right here, right now. By accepting what is, we open to the goodness of this moment.  Being present grounds us into the Now and reconnects us with our values. 

While Circling is not therapy, it provides the benefits of deep healing and rapid transformation through reprogramming the way we relate to ourselves and others.


Gina Brezini as interviewed by Kara-Leah Grant: 



about Gina Brezini:

GINA BREZINI works with people individually and in groups to enhance their experiences of intimacy, authenticity and connection. She holds master's degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Fine Arts. Her coaching style is influenced by additional training in leadership, communication, masculine & feminine dynamics, NLP, energy work, creativity, women's circles, Core Energetics and various spiritual traditions.

She is a certified facilitator of Circling.

Gina Brezini is the founder of Love SolutionsCircling New York, Circling D.C. and a co-founder of Circling Adventures.


 creating amazing relationship? feeling heard and appreciated? living life more fully? 

becoming more real and more present? 

Then come and explore with us!

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