What is circling?

Circling teaches us how to live with presence in the Age of Anxiety. It expands consciousness and accelerates evolution. It leads to profound insights, liberating perspectives and rich connections between people. Through it we experience how we impact others, and learn how to become real with one another in supportive ways.  

Circling is the fastest way to learn about yourself and to grow spiritually!


Circling Nights

Circling Nights with Gina Brezini is an ongoing monthly event, offering a taste of the magic. It is for people who are new to the practice, AND for experienced circlers willing to plunge into the relational pool each week. These evenings are meant to serve and expand the community.

 Games nights

Playful ways to learn how to connect authentically through games and fun relational activities. You will learn to be more present. You will gain a more accurate understanding of who you truly are. You will practice connecting from a place of authenticity and loving.

Workshops & retreats

The workshops and retreats are for those of you who are ready for profound healing and lasting transformation. They offer richer circling experiences and in-depth understanding of relational practices. Check the calendar for  various workshops, immersions and Deep Dives.